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The Klaserie is one of the largest privately owned Nature Reserves in South Africa (approximately 55,000 hectares) and forms part of the Greater Kruger National Park (approximately 2 million hectares).

It is unfenced, which both allows for all migratory species to roam freely and increases the area that territorial species can establish themselves, enabling genetic drift. From a conservation standpoint, this provides a benefit for the animals and the people visiting them.


The beautiful green lawns, interspersed with ancient trees, surround various thatched buildings that make up your safari lodge: chalets with rooms, social seating areas, dining areas, and a refreshing pool, all overlooking a seasonal riverbed with a view to our private watering hole.

Your stay includes: luxury accommodations; twice-daily game drives; walking safaris; all meals; a diverse selection of South African wines, beers, selected spirits (both domestic and imported), and refreshments; WiFi; limited laundry; and access to all the amenities. At any time, you can help yourself to any beverage, hot or cold, just as you would if you were in your own home.