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The Eternal Safari:

Venturing into Africa, tourists (particularly those from developed nations) are often catapulted into an environment that is vastly different from the safety and familiarity of their daily routine.

This continent, with its complex diversity of ecosystems, unparalleled wildlife, and stunning vistas, transcends the typical vacation itinerary and subsequently offers one a deeply transformative experience.

As is often said, building a house may require bricks and mortar, but creating a home demands the warmth of its people – a truth that resonates so wholesomely with this continent and her children. The distinct life experiences of those in third-world nations, particularly shaped by diverse socioeconomic, cultural, and historical factors, starkly contrast with those in first-world countries.

African hospitality, characterised by profound community, respect, and generosity, is deeply influenced by the principle of Ubuntu, which celebrates the interconnectedness of individuals and emphasises a communal culture where hospitality is not just a practice but a pillar of societal well-being.

Africa is often perceived as a chaotic place, with very little structure, no adherence to time and a people that have very little regard for the concept of organisation, but herein lies the beauty and lessons that many of us from “developed societies” can learn – and that is that Mother Nature, if you’ll allow her to, will teach you about core values far more important than closing a business deal.

So, in noting the abundance of our natural wealth and the warmth of the people that embodies the essence of the place we call home, we eventually arrive at the theme of today’s blog: Why a Safari in Hoedspruit, let alone Africa, will changes one’s life.

Journey with me as we unpack the magic behind the benefits and reasons that leave those who grace our shores changed forever.

Points to ponder…


Safaris or vacations in Hoedspruit provide an unparalleled opportunity to witness nature in its purest form, cradling a deep sense of interconnectedness. Feeling the raw beauty of Africa is all about the warmth of our sun, tingling your shoulders while swimming underneath a waterfall, the noise the wind makes as it sweeps through the golden fields of the bushveld, whilst enjoying a sundowner or the temperate evenings brimming with the calls of our Nightjars or the “Whoops” of the Hyenas – leaving one’s sense heightened and in tune.

Peeling away the layers of daily distractions and confronting us with the fundamental truths of life and survival. The encounter with nature’s purest form not only refreshes the spirit but also instils a sense of humility and a renewed appreciation for the theme of creation.


In a contemporary society – convenience, efficiency, ambition, expectation – all by-products of the desire to progress often leave us distracted and detached from a true connection with our surroundings. Through necessity and the nature of our modernised realties, we find ourselves becoming more inwardly focused, placing less emphasis on the importance of our environment – and this is where I lighten the mood and remind you to stop and smell the flowers 😊

Being immersed in abundant wildlife, whether its the lumbering elephants roaming shady riverbanks, the pristine elegance of a leopard grooming itself in a marula tree or the brazenness of some grumpy buffalos, one can’t help but fall in love with creation all over again.

Hoedspruit is a prime example of a place that will foster a deep appreciation for the wild, surpassing any second-hand experience that artificial outlets provide – transforming all who venture here into admirers and in so doing developing a newfound respect for their natural habitats. (I can hear David Attenborough’s voice in my head while I write this)

This area or hub is crucial for conservation efforts, with local communities using traditional knowledge to protect and manage their environment. Hoedspruit attracts tourists and researchers alike, emphasizing its importance in global conservation and its commitment to protecting its wild heritage. Always striving for ecological balance.


A Safari in Hoedspruit offers guests many moments of reflection, allowing one to reassess life’s complexities whilst traversing the simplicity of her natural expanses. The environment encourages a positive shift in priorities, often steering ones thoughts towards a more meaningful, simplified lifestyle that cherishes experience over material possession.

So, from personal experience, and I’ll be the first to raise my hand here – having been born and bred in the City of Gold (Johannesburg), a place reminiscent of so many other cities around the world, my head had been turned and distraction crept in, keeping me from true discovery and fulfilment.

But Hoedspruit, my Shangri La, briming with natural pleasure and incandescent clarity has changed me over the years, my outlook on life, my needs, and most of all my priorities. So, I invite you all to taste and see just how liberating a trip through the Safari Capital of Africa can be.


While out on Safari there is no greater rush than a colossal male elephant strolling past your game viewer where you’re in touching distance of his thick wrinkly skin or navigating roads less travelled, dust ladened and untarred, within environments so quite you can hear your heart beating.  Away from civilization and everything that’s familiar, it’s here where you truly realise just how small you are within the chain of life.

These experiences not only diminish the fear of the unknown but also enhances an  understanding and respect for one’s immediate environment, fostering brave, adventurous, inquisitive spirits.

*Now please don’t be running around trying to touch elephants 


As the saying goes when Africa bites you, you are simply never the same again, and Brian Jackman the award-winning British journalist summed it up best when he said:

“Africa changes you forever, like nowhere on earth. Once you have been there, you will never be the same. But how do you begin to describe its magic to someone who has never felt it? How can you explain the fascination of this vast, dusty continent, whose oldest roads are elephant paths? Could it be because Africa is the place of all our beginnings, the cradle of mankind, where our species first stood upright on the savannahs of long ago?”

Once you experience the magic of Hoedspruit, the connection simply doesn’t go away. All the memories of the landscapes, the endless sunrises and sunsets, the starlit skies, and the hum of the wild stay with you, drawing you back to rediscover and explore new adventures.

So why wait?

Hoedspruit beckons the curious, those wanting change or just to simply connect with the simplest, most basic version of themselves.

Come wander through our expansive landscapes, engaging with the rich allure of heritage and natural wonder.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us here at Visit Hoedspruit in collaboration with Buya Buya Travel as we share with you all the wonder our home has to offer. From the smallest detail to the biggest – nothing is spared in our pursuit to immerse you in the beauty and grandeur that we call everyday life – man are we blessed!