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The Lowdown..

The Pridelands conservancy is proud to offer morning and afternoon game drives to residents and visitors of Hoedspruit. As a member of the Greater Kruger Park you can get up close to the big 5, or just enjoy the peacefulness of the bush.
Game drives are offered by skilled guides in open safari vehicles. This is the real deal

Morning Drive 

The early morning drive always provides much excitement on the vehicle as predators are still on the move following their nocturnal activities. You may even be lucky enough to find the remains of a kill that took place during the previous night. No matter what you may see, the bush comes alive in the morning.

Afternoon Drive

As the day rolls to an end and the sun is low, animal activity starts to pick up again. This is a good time to see animals come down for a drink, or a dip at the local mud wallow. As the night sets in, nocturnal animals go on the prowl.


What is the child policy?
Children of all ages are welcome but families with young children are advised to seek a private vehicle.
Can we see the Big 5 on Pridelands?

Yes! Pridelands is located in the Greater Kruger Park. The Big 5 and so much more is certainly possible.

How much does it cost?


11 + 7 =