Nourish is a Non Profit Organization registered with the Department of Social Development in South Africa. Started by a local girl in 2011, Nourish was created to be a platform that could link conservation needs, issues and ideals with community issues and ideals. Nourish aims at finding integrated sustainable solutions to conservation issues such as poverty, low education standards, lack of food security, and unemployment.

Finding solutions that break the poverty cycle and create healthy resilient communities are ultimately solutions that link these individuals and communities back to their wildlife heritage and the jobs/opportunities created in the wildlife and tourism economy.

Nourish focuses on sustainable projects linking communities to conservation in a unique holistic buffer zone model. The pillars below outline our broad project scope:


Spend a few hours immersed in the day-to-day operations of a grassroots NGO. Get to learn about our projects, and enjoy a mini permaculture workshop, lend a hand harvesting vegetables for the feeding scheme, help cooking the childrens afternoon meal, spend time playing or reading in our Creche, and get a tour around the Eco village with one of our knowledgeable and passionate staff.

Village Walking Tour

Engage in cultural tourism as you not only get a tour of the Nourish Eco Village and understand how the projects support education and livelihoods for the neighboring local community, but also get to experience life in a rural village. Your guide comes from the local village and you might get to learn about the history, Shangaan culture, mat weaving, try traditional beer, meet a traditional healer (Sangoma) and even try a taster of local food.


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