What they do

Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is extremely proud of its efforts in wildlife education in South Africa. At Moholoholo we are often faced with the difficult decision of what to do with an injured or poisoned animal which will not be able to be released back into the wild. As a result, we have a number of “permanent residents” at the centre and at our own cost we use them as “ambassadors” for their respective species.

Members of the public are therefore able to get an up close and personal experience of these incredible creatures and with our hands on approach we have the ability to demonstrate to the public the threats and problems our wildlife is facing today. The Centre has a long standing and successful Serval Breeding Project and more than 160 have successfully been reintroduced to areas where they have become extinct

Tour Details

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre offers two guided tours from Monday - Saturday.
Morning - Starts at 09H30
Afternoon - Starts at 15H00

Each tour starts off with a detailed introduction to the centre followed by an informative walk around the centre with your guide. Tours are approximately 2.5 hours.



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