Hlokomela is an award winning HIV and AIDS educational and treatment program that targets workers in the agriculture, nature conservation and tourism sectors in the Greater Kruger to Canyon area.

They aim to reduce HIV vulnerability by focusing on peer education, raising awareness and prevention and treatment. They have been running successfully for over 11 years and an estimated 25 000 people are reached annually through the various elements of the program.

Hlokomela are running tours as one of their fundraising initiatives and this is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the local community and make an impact on your travel through South Africa.


Hlokomela Main Clinic
Here your guide, a member of Hlokomela, will give you a detailed introduction to what they do and why they do it. You will meet dedicated and passionate staff who will share their stories with you.
Richmond Creche
A typical farm creche located in one of the farm compounds. Here you will meet the future, the children. They are always excited to welcome visitors and the teachers will be happy to show you around.
Hlokomela Herb Garden
A very beautiful place with a stunning view. Explore the gardens and allow your senses to run wild. Enjoy some herbal drinks under a wild mango tree.
Hlokomela Market
The last stop on the tour is the very heart of the programme where the sewing project and the second hand shop is located. Browse around and take in what this wonderful NGO does in the local community.



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