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Burgers and Beyond: Reasons to Visit Hoedspruit – Chapter 4

Burgers and Beyond: Reasons to Visit Hoedspruit – Chapter 4

A Meat Lover’s Guide:

Hoedspruit is a haven for meat lovers, from its rich history of diverse culinary influences to  fresh quality produce, you can be assured of one thing, and that’s that our burger game is certainly on point!

South Africa’s love for meat, including burgers, is deeply rooted in its history and culture, influenced by various groups such as the Dutch settlers, Indo-Asian slaves, indigenous Khoisan, and Black African groups. This diverse influence has led to rich meat cuisine that includes traditional dishes made from all parts of the animal.

Now who doesn’t love a juicy, mouth watering, ground beef  patty that’s grilled to perfection?  No objections? Good, well then let me take you on a whirlwind tour of some of the town’s top spots for all things BURGER. Each venue with its own unique flavours and story, Hoedspruit has a strong contingent of suitable eateries just waiting to impress your tastebuds.

So, without any further ado, and in no particular order – here are some of my favourite “Burger Joints” to frequent, whilst savouring the “HOED”:


The Hogfather Pub & Porkery, is a standout spot that combines exceptional culinary experiences with a vibrant atmosphere. Rated highly by patrons, this dining gem offers a menu rich with International, Mediterranean, and Contemporary cuisines, ensuring a delightful array of choices for all times of the day.

Now I’m no Guy Fieri, but I’ve frequented the Hogfather sufficiently to testify that when it comes to Burgers, Chris & family know how to construct the perfect “Bushveld Edition”.

Whether it’s the Slow Roasted Pulled Pork on a crisp roll, complimented by a delectable homemade BBQ sauce and tasty sides. Their Classic Cheese Burger – 100% rough-ground beef brisket with cheese and sautéed onions or the Panko Crumbed Chicken Burger packed with a stellar cast of pepper dews, pineapple, bacon, salsa and creamy mayo, the Hogfather’s burger selection has the same effect of whimsical wonder, that its namesake had on the children in the Terry Pratchett novel.

It’s food fantasy for the senses! So drop us a message and let us know what you thought…


Three Bridges Restaurant at The Outpost always offers one a tranquil escape “out of town”, with a dining experience that’s as refreshing as the Olifants River it overlooks. This spot is celebrated for its picturesque setting, friendly atmosphere, and delectable food that caters to all and sundry.

Since I can remember, having moved here from the big smoke, its been one of my favourite things to do – heading to the Outpost for some grub. One thing’s for sure is that the thought and creativity of the burgers on display here leave nothing to be desired as they certainly tick every block.

Three of my must tries are:

The Baconator: a classic patty with melted cheddar, tangy gherkins, creamy mayo & 6 slices of heavenly streaky bacon.

The Midnight Special: a bacon, brandy and cheddar sauce, topped with avo, all housed within the perfect gourmet  burger.

The Chicken Parmigiana: albeit poultry this time, this parmesan crusted chicken breast, covered in a neapolitan sauce and blanketed in gooey mozzarella & parmesan is equally as yummy as its meaty mates.

Feeling hungry yet? Well there’s plenty to choose from, whether light or substantial, be sure to pencil this venue in on the itinerary for an enjoyable time out with the family.


Besides the flowing ale, the Hoedspruit Brew Co in the heart of the Bosveld Centre, offers a quaint but delectable range of burgers for the entire family. Outside of a contemporary, well thought out menu that encapsulates their energy and vibe – I sincerely enjoy my time out here as there’s plenty for the kids to do as you take your time savouring your meal.

In terms of recommendations, my two contenders would include their  Classic Cheese with all the required essentials and drenched in garlic aioli – hitting any sweet spot. And of course their famous Brew Burger – which adds a bit of spice to the equation, with the burger itself comprising mozzarella, juicy jalapenos, crispy bacon and a sultry chili mayo.

Guess its safe to say that their entire burger menu compliments the host of great craft beers on offer quite pleasantly.

Last but by no means least is…


Located in the old Station Building at Hoedspruit Station, opposite the Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate, Sleepers Restaurant is a beautifully renovated eatery that preserves the nostalgia and charm of a bygone era while providing guests with a taste of contemporary and South Africa. From the moment the trains rumble by, you’re invited to relax at the bar with something refreshing before diving into a menu that boasts a wealth of options.

With their well established and comprehensive selection, Sleepers never disappoints as their menu provides a melting pot of classic and contemporary takes on the Hamburger. My two faves in this case, have to be the

Oxtail and Eisbein Burgers – These guys scream…Revolutionary! Whether it’s the pulled Oxtail or the crispy fried Eisbein with crackling and all their contemporary, tantalising fillings, both are unforgettable experiences for the senses, leaving one content and satisfied just like Sunday morning.

 So there you have it, Burgers are the perfect Safari Fuel!

After a day of adventure in the bush, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as sinking your teeth into a hearty burger. It’s the perfect comfort food – replenishing the enthusiasm, recalibrating the adventure barometer and firing up the old engine – making it a solid staple for both locals and tourists alike returning from their bush tales.

 Whether you’re a dedicated carnivore, a casual meat-eater, or simply someone who appreciates good food made with love, Hoedspruit’s burgers offer a deliciously compelling reason to visit!

The Story of LA Baguette – Passion meets Persistence.

The Story of LA Baguette – Passion meets Persistence.

Covid and the pandemic is a distant memory and its safe to say that Hoedspruit – for some time now, has been back to her old ways, fashioning the hopes, and dreams for all those that stuck to their guns and believed “that this too shall pass”.

As part of our ongoing commitment to showcasing all the industry and determination our little town has to offer, we are super excited to share the remarkable story (like so many others) that is Fabian & Karine Jacquemin and our very own LA Baguette Cafe – situated at the newly opened Korongo Shopping Centre.

A testament to their dreams and determination, The Jacquemin’s story is not just about opening a Bakery / Eatery in a foreign country but about the incredible journey that led them here, the challenges they overcame, and the community they immersed themselves in along the way.

Join me as we unpack a story of cultural exchange and harmony


Fabian and Karine embarked on a significant life change, with a clear vision and a deep desire for a new beginning. Leaving behind their comfortable life on Reunion Island, where Karine was a revered teacher, and Fabian a skilled speech therapist, they ventured into South Africa, driven by the dream of starting anew.

Their discovery of Hoedspruit whilst on holiday became the canvas for their very first project: Ukuthula Bush Lodge, but as fate would have it just five months into their new adventure, the pandemic struck, forcing them to temporarily close the lodge and look for alternatives to stay afloat.



Covid, whilst a challenge, presented an unexpected opportunity for the Jacquemin’s to embark on their second venture. With optimism as their compass, the couple felt inspired to bring their culinary heritage to Hoedspruit – and what better way than a French bakery / café.

Karine, having honed her craft with a French artisan baker’s diploma, was more than well-prepared for this endeavour. They adapted their recipes to the unique South African palette and incorporated local ingredients and preferences into their colourful menu. Hours of dedication were poured into perfecting their offerings, from the flour to the butter, ensuring that their products met the high standards they set for themselves. 



LA Baguette Café offers an authentic French culinary experience. For first-time visitors, Karine recommends starting with their traditional pastries, like a wholesome croissant or a pain au chocolat (also known as a chocolatine, a type of Viennoiserie pastry) both pairing delightfully  with a rich cappuccino.

Their traditional French breads and the Parisian sandwiches are a nod to their roots, while the inclusion of local favourites like cheesecake and carrot cake signifies their embrace of the local  tastes. Its safe to say they have covered all their bases, with their ever expanding menu, catering to all preferences, offering a delectable range of light meals.


Committed to quality and sustainability, LA Baguette sources most ingredients locally, from the freshest produce to eggs from our farmers. This approach not only supports the local economy but also ensures their products are free from additives and preservatives. Importing from France was considered impractical due to the impact on pricing, prompting further innovation in adapting recipes to local ingredients.


Integrating into the Hoedspruit community was a priority for the Jacquemin’s. They began very modestly, selling their baked goods on many a street corner, which ultimately led to a fantastic collaboration with a local supermarket, making every trip to the shops one to remember.

Their involvement subsequently grew to local events and markets, always aiming to share their French heritage with the local community. Their generosity which is evident, continues to shine through as all their unsold goods are regularly donated to our local retirement homes.

Karine’s background in education naturally extends within the bakery, where she engages consistently with her staff, upskilling them in the art of baking, all while bridging language barriers and cultural differences. This aspect of their business not only enriches the lives of locals but plants seeds of cultural appreciation. Their staff compliment is vibrant, engaging and they serve with a smile. Take note!


Navigating the language barrier and familiarising the nuances of French baking to a small traditional South African town has posed significant challenges.

However, Fabian and Karines’ perseverance, supported by the financial backbone of their lodge has allowed the bakery to not only survive but thrive. Truth be told we as a community are so glad they did – as the diversity, innovation and cultural immersion they add to our community is clearly evident, contributing greatly to the variety that so clearly distinguishes Hoedspruit.


As settling is not in their character, and with one eye on the future, the Jacquemin’s aspire to innovate further, introducing a host of new flavours and a variety of dishes that will introduce their patrons to the full gamete that French cuisine offers.

Collaborations with local lodges and restaurants are on the horizon further reinforcing their commitment and contribution to Hoedspruit’s growth and charm. Ultimately both Fabian and Karine desire to leave a legacy for their children and in so doing serve the community with passion. So watch this space!


LA Baguette’s journey underscores the importance of dedication, perseverance, and patience. Their advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is as simple and uncomplicated as our natural setting – cherish every experience, see it as an opportunity to learn and improve and find joy in hard work as the satisfaction of your customers is all so worth it.

There’s no doubt that the Jacquemins’ story is a positively refreshing and vibrant addition to Hoedspruit and its continued evolution, so whether you’re a local keen on something different or a visitor here for the first time, be sure to pop in and say “Hi” to our “Fabulous Frenchies” and the wonder that is La Baguette Cafe.

An Unofficial Big 5: Reasons to Visit Hoedspruit – Chapt. 3

An Unofficial Big 5: Reasons to Visit Hoedspruit – Chapt. 3

It’s often said, and backed up by personal experience, that the purest form of cultural immersion whilst on holiday is to simply sample the local cuisine. Hoedspruit is no different,  with South Africa having 11 national languages, it’s no coincidence that we’re a melting pot of fusion and collaboration when it comes to enjoying all the scrumptious delicacies on offer. 

Whether you’re frequenting an Eatery, Café, Pub & Grill or Food Truck, Hoedspruit is a must-visit for food enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, offering a unique blend of adventure and gastronomy.

Join me as I introduce you to my “unofficial Big 5” of traditional cuisine, snacks and treats providing a number of compelling reasons to visit us whilst on Safari:


Ask any Saffa, biltong and droëwors serve as quintessential South African snacks, perfect for road trips and safaris, especially in places like Hoedspruit.

Biltong (or Billies as we like to refer to it) is air-dried meat typically made from beef or local game which is marinated in a blend of vinegar, salt, spices, and sometimes sugar, before being dried. This process not only preserves the meat but also enhances its flavour, making biltong a rich, savoury snack.

Droëwors, on the other hand, is a dried sausage made from spiced beef or game, following a similar preservation process. Equally enjoyable its high nutritional value is nailed on to keep your tummy happy whilst on the road.

Both snacks are lightweight, non-perishable, and packed with protein, making them ideal for exploring the bushveld. Their robust flavours and easy portability explain why they are a popular choice for sustaining any adventure.

Be sure to stop in at Kamp Vuur Meat & Deli or the Driehoek Butcher serving up some of the best geel vet (yellow fat) billies Hoedspruit has to offer.


Bunny Chow is a testament to South Africa’s melting pot of cultures with its influences birthed from its prominent Indian community.

This dish, a loaf of bread hollowed out and filled with aromatic curry made from either lamb, beef or chicken was born out of necessity as a practical way for workers to carry their lunch to the fields or place of work during the apartheid era.

Since then, the dish has experienced much innovation and infusion with many of our residing cultures adding their “take” on the original.

So when in the “Hoed” be sure to pop into Kalimambo’s Restaurant & Pub for a decadent, well priced slice of Culture.


No visit to Hoedspruit is ever complete without experiencing a Braai with a couple of mates – you can refer to our previous blog titled “Embers of Africa”, if you need the inside track on this cultural occasion,  but part of this local experience involves the inclusion of Braai Broodjies which are closed sandwiches toasted over an open fire. 

Picture slices of buttery crisp bread, toasted to golden perfection on the grill. Between these lie generous layers of cheddar cheese that melts beautifully with the tangy sweetness of tomato and the sharp bite of onion. Often, a spread of mayonnaise or chutney is added creating a delightful contrast of flavours.

They’re the proverbial presents under the tree, when it comes to braaing and a hit with kiddies of all ages, so whether you’re overnighting at a lodge or winging it whilst self catering, be sure to include these little treasure troves on the the menu – you wont be sorry


Koeksisters are a traditional South African confectionery that are deeply rooted in the country’s culinary landscape. This sweet treat is known for its distinctive plaited or twisted shape and its syrupy exterior, resulting from being soaked in a sugary syrup. Koeksisters are a delightful blend of textures and flavors, featuring a crispy, golden exterior and a soft, sweet, syrup-infused interior. There are actually two main types of koeksisters found in South Africa, each reflecting different cultural influences:

Afrikaner Koeksisters: This version is probably what most people think of when they hear “koeksister.” It is of Afrikaner origin, with a braided or twisted dough that is deep-fried and then soaked in a cold, sweet syrup, often flavored with ginger, cinnamon, and lemon.

Cape Malay Koeksisters: This variant is different in both flavor and appearance, reflective of the Cape Malay community’s culinary traditions. Cape Malay koeksisters are spicy, doughnut-shaped treats that are also deep-fried but are then rolled in desiccated coconut instead of being soaked in syrup. 

So should you be tempted to indulge then nearly all convenience stores in Hoedspruit sell them, but my absolute favourites can be found in the deli section at Driehoek Butchery (as linked above). 


Melktert, often affectionately known as milk tart, is a classic South African dessert that embodies the essence of comfort food, with its smooth, creamy filling and delicate, cinnamon-dusted pastry crust.

This beloved teatime classic comprises a rich custard made from milk, eggs, sugar, and a hint of vanilla, encased in a sweet pastry shell. The filling is thickened to a luxurious consistency, then poured into the crust and sprinkled lightly with cinnamon, offering a warm, comforting spice that perfectly complements the sweetness of the custard.

Be sure to enquire wherever you are, whether at a Lodge or in Store – as you wont wonder to far without bumping into one of our national treasures – best served cold!

Last but not least an honourable mention needs to got to our very own MALVA PUDDING 

Its origins rooted with the early Dutch settlers, this decadent treat is a warm, comforting dessert that embodies the sweetness of South African hospitality. A spongy caramelized cake, richly flavoured with apricot jam and drenched in a creamy, buttery sauce that soaks through, making each bite an irresistibly moist delight. Often accompanied with custard or ice cream.

Be sure to check the dessert menus at any of our fine eateries and don’t be shy there’s a malva pudding with your name on it, you wont be sorry!

Visiting Hoedspruit is an adventure for the palate, offering insights into the region’s culture and history through its traditional delicacies. Our unofficial Big 5 of Hoedspruit’s culinary scene should undeniably offer everyone thinking about vacationing here sufficient reason alone to explore our vibrant town and celebrate our heritage. See you soon!

Tiny Town – Little People, Big Dreams

Tiny Town – Little People, Big Dreams

As part of our themed blog installments, Visit Hoedspruit is proud to present our Business Showcase series – dedicated to shining a spotlight on the incredible businesses and services that enrich our town.

We take immense pride in celebrating the creative, industrious, and inspiring individuals who are the heartbeat of our community, contributing to its vibrant culture and dynamic growth.

Join us as we embark on this journey, celebrating each story of passion, perseverance, and entrepreneurial spirit that together weave the fabric of Hoedspruit’s thriving community. This week we take a look at the newly opened role play village – Tiny Town, as we continue with our theme of things to do with children in Hoedspruit


Within the quaint Driehoek Business Centre, lies a hub of creativity and joy for children known as Tiny Town. Created from the aspirations of parents looking for a unique and safe space for their little ones, Tiny Town is fast becoming a beacon of fun and learning for families in the area.

Sisters and business partners, Alicia & Juane Maritz, both parents turned entrepreneurs, share their exciting journey with us.

The Inspiration Behind Tiny Town

Tiny Town was born out of a simple family holiday that turned into an eye-opening experience for Alicia and her husband subsequent to them noticing their daughter’s sheer delight whilst enjoying herself at a role-play village. Realizing that there was a huge need for such a concept in Hoedspruit, the dream was birthed.

After much planning, the perfect location was eventually found at the Driehoek Centre, marking the beginning of a vision and their dream to become a cornerstone of kids’ entertainment in Hoedspruit.



Tiny Town caters for the younger groups with primary focus on walking age to around 8 to 9 years. What sets them apart from typical children’s entertainment options in Hoedspruit is that as a business they focus wholeheartedly on stimulating role-play offerings which encourage children’s early development.

The “town” itself is made up of exciting, themed areas for its little citizens – appealing to both boys and girls. These include a Construction site, Convenience store, Salon, Hospital / Doctors room, Vet, Kitchen, and Farm area.

The venue is clean, comfortable and air conditioned, providing a pleasant refuge for kids to play and explore, come rain or shine. At the heart of Tiny Town’s charm is child minder – JESS, who’s joy and exceptional way with kids has earned her legendary status amongst its patrons, making every visit so far one to remember!





Understanding the dynamics of modern parenting, Tiny Town offers a sanctuary where parents can relax, work, or enjoy a coffee, all while their children play safely within sight. The setup encourages parents to join in the fun, fostering quality family time which is hard to come by in today’s fast-paced world. This engagement is not just about play but building lasting memories and meaningful bonds.



With special events planned for every major holiday. From Valentine’s Day to Christmas, and everything in between, Tiny Town aims to celebrate the special moments that bring families together. The introduction of a Holiday Club offers themed activities, providing endless fun and learning opportunities. And with Easter just around the corner, their Egg Hunt is sure to become a much-anticipated event.



Recognizing the demand for hassle-free yet memorable birthday parties, Tiny Town offers various packages to make every child’s birthday wish come true. With the convenience of an on-site coffee shop for catering and a range of activities to choose from, parents can enjoy the celebration as much as their children.



Alicia’s and Juane’s dream for Tiny Town is ambitious and heartwarming. They envision it becoming the ultimate destination for children’s entertainment and parties in Hoedspruit, catering to all ages from toddlers to teenagers (eventually) with the goal of providing a space where children can grow, learn, and play in a safe and imaginative environment.



Stay updated on Tiny Town’s events and offerings by following their social media account or follow Visit Hoedspruit’s regular showcase posts and event reels. Whether you’re looking for a fun day out with the kids, a unique party venue, or a community to celebrate the special moments with, Tiny Town welcomes you to join their growing family.

That’s a wrap for our very first business showcase. Be sure to join us again as we unpack all the creativity and ingenuity our community has to offer its local environment and the world at large. Just like Tiny Town, Hoedspruit is a resilient little town full of big hearts and big dreams!


Savouring the Wild: The Hoeds Culinary Landscape

Savouring the Wild: The Hoeds Culinary Landscape

Our town is not only a gateway to some of the country’s most pristine wildlife reserves but is surprisingly, a melting pot of delightful culinary experiences. Whether you’re winding down from a safari adventure or just soaking up the local ambiance, the flavours of Hoedspruit are as diverse and inviting as the landscapes that surround it. So, let’s embark on a gastronomic journey through this quaint little town and explore the types of cuisine our restaurants have to offer:


First on the list, you can’t visit Hoedspruit without trying some authentic South African cuisine. Local restaurants pride themselves on dishes that reflect the country’s rich cultural heritage. From savoury game meats like kudu, impala, and warthog, cooked to perfection on an open flame, to traditional sides like pap (a type of maize porridge) and chakalaka (a spicy vegetable relish), the flavours are robust, earthy, and incredibly satisfying. Venues like the Hat & Creek offer an intimate setting where these local dishes can be savoured alongside a fine selection of South African wines. 



European / International cuisine has also found a cozy home in Hoedspruit, with several restaurants and eateries offering Italian, Portuguese, French and Asian dishes – amongst others. Italian eateries serve up wood-fired pizzas and homemade pasta that would make any Nonna proud, while Portuguese spots offer piri-piri chicken that packs a punch. French refinery and ambrosial Asian flavours are also in hot pursuit. Check out a few hand-picked options below:

Portuguese / Bom Appetite

Italian / Three Bridges Restaurant

European, Fusion / Annes Cotton Club

African, Mexican, American, European, Asian / The Arugula Experience

Indian, Chinese / Kalimambo’s Fine Dining 



With the lush landscapes and fertile soils of the Limpopo region, it’s no surprise that farm-to-table dining is a big hit in Hoedspruit. Eateries such as The Blue Mountain Restaurant & Keystone Cafe emphasize seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, serving dishes that are not only fresh but also bursting with flavour. This approach not only supports local farmers and producers but also ensures that guests enjoy the very best of what the region has to offer, from organic fruits and vegetables to free-range meats and dairy. 


For those looking to experience a modern twist on traditional flavours, Hoedspruit’s culinary scene does not disappoint. African fusion restaurants creatively blend local ingredients with international techniques, resulting in innovative dishes that are both familiar and exciting. These establishments, like Sleepers Restaurant, offer a unique dining experience, where guests can explore new flavours while enjoying the warm and welcoming ambiance that Hoedspruit is known for. 


Amidst the more formal dining options, Hoedspruit boasts a vibrant café culture. Our coffee shops and bistros offer a relaxed atmosphere perfect for enjoying a light meal or a cup of expertly brewed coffee. Here, the menu might include anything from gourmet sandwiches and fresh salads to decadent pastries and cakes, all made with a focus on quality and flavour. Again some hand-picked options include:

French / LA Baguette Café

South African, Fusion / Keystone Café

Mediterranean / Stoned Olive Café

We’ll be sure to share more on the other eateries not included in this blog, so watch this space. One thing I am confident of however, is that whether its traditional South African fare, European influences, Innovative fusion or Casual bites, there’s something to satisfy every palate. So, when you find yourself in this charming town, be sure to explore all it has to offer or alternatively get in touch and we’ll point you in the right direction… 

*Please note that our characterisations of eateries do not limit them to the definitions associated  within this blog, and can offer a wider variety than stipulated. 

Local Markets & Community Gatherings

Local Markets & Community Gatherings

What’s the best way to sample the local culture I hear you ask?  Well, then its time for you to delve into the vibrant community gatherings that encapsulate the spirit of this enchanting little town. Let’s uncover the markets currently making waves in Hoedspruit: 


A staple on the local community calendar, the Hoedspruit Farmers Market is a treasure trove for those seeking organic, locally sourced produce and artisanal goods. Known for its vibrant atmosphere, this market typically draws crowds eager to sample the freshest fruits, vegetables, and handmade delicacies. Beyond the culinary delights, the market is a hotbed for handmade crafts, offering everything from bespoke jewelry to unique home decorations, all crafted by talented local artisans.

Organised by the Kruger 2 Canyons Biosphere the market takes place on  the first Saturday of each month @ The Farm House / Zandspruit Boulevard from 7:30am – 1pm.



This market is fresh off the press! In collaboration with Safari Wines its set to be a delightful event taking place at Francine’s Farmhouse & Venue. Scheduled for 3 March 2024, this market promises an enticing blend of culinary and vinous pleasures, running from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. The venue is known for its tranquil gardens and surrounding citrus trees, providing a picturesque setting for this gastronomic gathering. Visitors can expect a day filled with the finest local food and wine offerings, showcasing the rich flavours and artisanal craftsmanship of all the region has to offer

  •  Admission is R100 per person, which includes a wine glass and tastings. For adults not interested in tasting, the fee is R40.
  • The Event is family and pet friendly. Children under 18 get in free.
  • The Chapel will host a family and pet-friendly Sip n Paint session.

Looking to become a mainstay on the first Sunday of every month, lets make this a reality by showing our continued support for enjoyable and creative events such as these. CANT WAIT!


The Herotel Bosveld Village Family Fun Day is shaping up to be a fantastic monthly event for families around Hoedspruit, especially with the inaugural event kicking off with an Easter theme on the 31st of March 2024 (11am to 4pm). The transformation from Bosveld Market to a family-oriented day filled with a variety of activities, market stalls, and live entertainment, certainly adds a fresh vibe to the local community scene on the last Sunday of every month.

Having a different theme each month is a brilliant idea to keep the excitement alive and ensure that there’s always something new for attendees to look forward to. For the Easter-themed event, the inclusion of classic activities like an Easter egg hunt, egg toss, and egg and spoon race not only taps into the festive spirit but also ensures fun for all ages. It certainly is a wonderful way to bring the community together.

Look forward to seeing you all out and about supporting local !